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teen boys and their toys – Jackson miller and Timo Garrett play on the swing part 2

Boys will be boys and play with their toys,  and the new toy at BoyCrush Studios is a swing!

Jackson Miller and Timo Garrett star in this brand new scene from BoyCrush.  This is part two in a two part series where the boys play naked in the BoyCrush swing. The first part was an intense oral session, but in this second part we get some hardcore fucking.

the scene description is as follows:

Jackson Miller gets Timo Garrett in the swing again for this hot hardcore scene. They start off sucking each other’s hard dicks while sitting in the swing. Then Jackson flips him over and fucks him doggie style. They get even crazier in the swing and finish on the floor, Jackson fucking him sideways and then cumming on his face.

The video starts out with the two boys completely naked, and Timo in the swing.  I love Timo, he has a great body and a fantastic cock and he’s cute as hell, and I think he looks great paired up with Jackson. 

Personally I’d prefer just seeing the these two boys rolling around in a bed, or even on the floor, which is where they end up anyways, but I know there are those of you who LOVE accessorizing – and they definitely use this swing to its full potential!

They kiss and fondle each other, before moving on to some hot cock sucking.  Before long Jackson decides its time to fuck Timo’s tight teen boy hole.

He shoves his cock in Timo’s asshole in two different positions on the swing, before the boys move to the floor, where Jackson pounds the fuck out of Timo’s ass.

When he can’t take it anymore, Jackson blows his load all over Timo’s face!

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Red head teen boy Alan Parish, a little ginger snap

Red head teen boy Alan Parish – a profile, some pics and a shower scene! A little ginger love for you lovers of red headed boys!

There’s a lot of interest and buzz circulating around this sexy red head, teen boy twink, Alan Parish, one of the main reason being he is one of the only ginger haired teen/twink boys out there doing porn today.
So, I thought I’d do a profile of him for those of you, and I know you’re out there, that are really into red heads.

I also get to combine this post with one of my all time favorite fetishes of all time, the shower scene! Yes, Alan did a shower scene / video interview for BoyCrush a while back and those are the clips Ive included for you ginger loving boys!

Alan is 18, Aquarius, obviously a red head, he has an above average cock – I’d say from the videos I’ve watched, about 7 inches. He’s completely gay, no confusion for this boy, and he’s a Southern boy as you’ll hear in the video.
He also seems to have a really bubbly personality and a great sense of humor, a pretty happy guy all around. He takes both the top and bottom position in the hardcore videos inside BoyCrush, but I have a feeling he prefers topping.

This is a quote from Alan on his profile inside the BoyCrush members area –

My experience at Boycrush has been absolutely amazing. It was almost like making new friends and family that could never be forgotten. There is a verypositive atmosphere.



I’ve done a few other posts that include Alan on Boy Cherry, look for the Alan Parish tag at the bottom of this post if you want to check them out!

Alan is in a total of 3 hardcore and 2 solo videos inside the BoyCrush / Bare Twinks Studios!

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teen boy Noah Carlisle sucks Kyler Moss’s cock until he cums

Oral lovers will absolutely love this brand new one-sided teen boy suck cock scene from BoyCrush featuring Noah Carlisle and Kyler Moss.

Noah sucks off Kyler all over his living room, Kyler moaning loudly the whole time. He doesn’t stop there, even fingering Kyler’s sweet ass a little as he sucks his hard dick. Kyler finishes by blowing his cum load all over Noah’s face and in his mouth without touching himself at all.

Kyler is so sexy in this video, with his hair all messed up, looking like the school boy next door who just got out of bed, and gets the gift of getting his morning stiffy sucked off!

He’s such the adorable teen boy twink and Noah’s sucking skills go above and beyond, so it almost seems Kyler is surprised when he finally does blow his load just from Noah’s constant tongue lashing!

Anyone who reads this blog knows Noah and Kyler are two of my favorite boys from the BoyCrush / Bare Twinks Studios, and having both of them in one video gave me a hot morning orgasm!

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Sean Corwin and Zack Randall – teen boy twink fuck

Beddable Boys newest scene, featuring twink teen boys Zack Randall and Sean Corwin, starts off hot with the two boys laying in bed, naked except for their boxers, making out and rubbing each other all over and the two boys don’t stop for the entire 31 minute scene.

The Beddable Boys description for the video reads:

These two guys are a pretty good match. Some heavy petting on the couch turns into nice amateur fucking. These two take off their boxers and both blow each other. Can you guess who’s going to be the top? If you guessed Zack Randall, you would be correct. Sean Corwin lets him into his ass at slow speeds.

Sean is sexy as hell, with his blond highlights a great body, an uncut cock and a nice plump ass for the fucking, but I have a preference for brown haired boys, so Zack really does it for me. He has a fantastic body, six pack and all and an adorable face with big blue eyes. His uncut cock’s not huge, but it would do me just fine, and it’s nice and thick. Then there’s the tan line, I love tan lines. These guys that tan all over just don’t do it as much for me.

There’s something so natural about a boy stripping off his boxers, exposing the difference in color between his upper torso and his more intimate areas.

The two boys spend a long time pleasuring each others cocks and they really seem very much into each other, like they never notice the camera is looking in on them. When they move on to the fucking part of the scene, we get Sean starting out on all fours with Zack fucking him from behind doggy style. He moves slowly at first, before pounding the boys ass hole pretty hard. Then, Sean flips and Zack begins fucking him on his back with his legs in the air. The 31 minute video ends with the two boys jacking off in bed, next to each other and two nice loads of cum!

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Random teen boys from horny site beddable boys!

I thought I’d add sample teen boy pics from 12 of the newest Beddable Boys Videos, since they have recently added a $1.00 trial, so you can check out all their teen boy, beddable, exclusive boys for just a dollar! Click here for sample videos!

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Andy kay fucks teen boy Jake Johnson Bareback!

Andy takes Jake for a ride BAREBACK in this, Jake’s first hardcore video ever. They show true passion from the beginning, starting with some slow sensual sucking, they both get blown every way imaginable, next comes the hot raw BAREBACK sex with Andy Kay shoving his hot cut meat up Jakes tight teen boy hole, before they blow their cum loads all over themselves!

Jake is sexy as hell, with his puppy dog eyes and that slim smooth teen boy body, plus a fantastic bubble butt for Andy to pound with his fat hard cock, I loved this video, well worth a jackoff! Click here to check out this whole bareback video!

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emo teen boy Roxy Red interview and jackoff

Emo boy Roxy Red is just so wildly popular on both Bare Twinks and Boy Crush, I thought I’d add a clip from one of his interviews to the blog – the full interview is actually 30 minutes long, but the clip below will give you some insight into this boys thoughts and interests.
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Roxy’s an interesting, adorable, little waif (he weighs in at 98 pounds and stands all of 5 feet 4 inches) – he almost looks to me like he should be in Lord of the Rings, playing an elf, rather than porn, but in his interview he admits he is wildly into sex, so I guess he is right where he wants to be at this point in his life.

I’ve seen Roxy in about 8 hardcore videos, and he definitely is a bottom boy who loves to get bareback fucked – he loves his ass used by teen boy cock and he loves bondage! So here you are boys, more Roxy Red! Click here to check out all his videos!

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