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kyler moss, underoos, a dildo, and the bathtub – nuff said

A brand new shower scene featuring Kyler Moss from BoyCrush Studios!  What more could you ask for, except maybe being in there with him!

The BoyCrush lowdown – Kyler Moss gets wet and soapy in a cute pair of underoos before hopping into the tub. As the water rises, so does his cock! Kyler fingers himself before attempting to shove an intimidating black ribbed dildo up his ass. The small twink cries in frustration as he forces part of the huge toy up his ass. In the end, a glass dildo that does the trick, he shoots a thick load that nearly reaches his throat.


I love my shower scenes and this one with Kyler Moss is no exception – he’s sweet and sexy from beginning to end.  You gotta love the addition of those tight underoos to the scene, as well as a nice big dildo for Kyler to shove up his tight hole.   In the end Kyler blows one of his trademark cumshots, shooting all the way up to his sexy smooth chest!

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Hotty tyler in a bathtime jackoff and his brand new hardcore scene with alex

Sexy teen boy Tyler in a tub rubbing one off!

been very busy this week, but I thought I’d pop up this hot new scene from BoyFun with sexy teen boy tyler in a bath tub jackoff!   You know I love my bath / shower scenes!  This one is no exception, check out the fantastic cock shots!  Click here for more of Tyler’s rub a dub in a tub!

Next up is Tyler’s brand new hardcore scene with Alex.

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Teen boys Elijah White and Kyle Richerds straight boy fuck!

We get a brand new video and two brand new teen boys from LollipopTwinks today!  Sexy bleach blond boy Kyle Richerds and shaggy haired cutie Elijah White!

LollipopTwinks describes the scene:

Fucking is most certainly better than jerking off. Sure, Kyle Richerds and Elijah White think they’re straight, but when they see each other naked in the locker room things definitely change. At first they’re just busting balls but after a while, they end up back in a bedroom doing everything dirty.

This scene starts off in the locker room with the two boys acting very straight and showering together!    After a few moments of seeing each other naked and soaking wet, their straight boy attitudes disappear and teen boy horniness takes over, so they agree to go explore their new found desires and each others bodies in the bedroom.

Once their in the bedroom the boys go nuts for each other,  and it isn’t long before Elijah has Kyle’s jeans down around his knees, sucking on his nice hard, thick cock.  Kyle returns the favor sucking Elijah’s fat cock until he decides it’s time to fuck that boys tight teen boy hole.

Kyle starts off fucking Elijah on his back, but after a few moments Elijah decides he wants to ride Kyle’s hard boy pole, so they switch and Elijah climbs on!   The fucking ends with Elijah on his stomach and Keith pounding his tight little boy butt from behind.

Is it just me, or does Kyle Richerds look a little like Hayden Christensen from Star Wars fame?

Make sure to check out those tan lines on Kyle – notice the pattern looks like the boys been out in the sun in nothing but a jockstrap? Maybe that’s a clue in that hopefully we’ll be seeing him in a hot outside video soon!  Or he could have just been laying out in nothing but a jockstrap somewhere *sigh*.

The boys finish after fucking by jacking off their hard cocks and kissing, and spurting two nice big loads of cum.

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Click here to download this entire video!

Red head teen boy Alan Parish, a little ginger snap

Red head teen boy Alan Parish – a profile, some pics and a shower scene! A little ginger love for you lovers of red headed boys!

There’s a lot of interest and buzz circulating around this sexy red head, teen boy twink, Alan Parish, one of the main reason being he is one of the only ginger haired teen/twink boys out there doing porn today.
So, I thought I’d do a profile of him for those of you, and I know you’re out there, that are really into red heads.

I also get to combine this post with one of my all time favorite fetishes of all time, the shower scene! Yes, Alan did a shower scene / video interview for BoyCrush a while back and those are the clips Ive included for you ginger loving boys!

Alan is 18, Aquarius, obviously a red head, he has an above average cock – I’d say from the videos I’ve watched, about 7 inches. He’s completely gay, no confusion for this boy, and he’s a Southern boy as you’ll hear in the video.
He also seems to have a really bubbly personality and a great sense of humor, a pretty happy guy all around. He takes both the top and bottom position in the hardcore videos inside BoyCrush, but I have a feeling he prefers topping.

This is a quote from Alan on his profile inside the BoyCrush members area –

My experience at Boycrush has been absolutely amazing. It was almost like making new friends and family that could never be forgotten. There is a verypositive atmosphere.



I’ve done a few other posts that include Alan on Boy Cherry, look for the Alan Parish tag at the bottom of this post if you want to check them out!

Alan is in a total of 3 hardcore and 2 solo videos inside the BoyCrush / Bare Twinks Studios!

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Jared long teen boy bath jackoff

Anyone who reads this blog knows my fetish for teen boys and water scenes, and this one from GayLifeNetwork is no exception!
I could do without the first four minutes of the scene, watching a guy wander around a bathroom rubbing himself fully clothed isn’t much of a turn on for me, might be for someone else, just not me. However, the final 13 minutes are exceptional.

We get 13 minutes of the very sexy twink teen boy Jared Long in the bath tub soaping up his beautiful body and jacking his 7 inch cock all the while. There’s one particular part of the video where he’s laying back in the tub and his cock is poking straight up through the soapy suds as he begins stroking it, it’s really a stunningly hot few seconds!
Make sure you check out his fantastic big balls dangling from his cock, I really found them to be a wicked turnon watching them bouncing up and down when he really gets into the hard jerking, and ready to cum!

Jared is great in this scene, moaning through it’s entirety with his cock as stiff as your best morning woody. He also has that sexy afterglow of a teen boy who has just come in from a day at the beach to wash off, making the glossiness of the water and soap dripping off his body all that much more appealing.

The description for the scene is as follows:

Jarred Long is in his lovely and luxurious bathroom and he’s filling the tub so he can clean that sexy twink body of his. Like any horny young man he can’t resist the urge to take his cock in hand and give it a few lusty strokes and soon enough he’s masturbating lustily. It’s at that point that you understand his name. Jarred Long has a big, beautiful cock and he’s going to jerk it and cum a hot load.

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Sexy teen boy roxy getting soapy, hard and wet in the tub

In this solo video from Boy Crush, Roxy Red gets all wet and soapy in the tub. He starts by showcasing his hot, small teen boy body and getting his cock rock hard. He uses his hands to pleasure his ass and boy hole which makes him moan with pleasure, before blowing his cum load in the tub.

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Skater boy Chris Martinson video clip

If, like me, you love skaters you’ll LOVE this boy. I put some pics up of him from two videos last week, but this is video clips of his 20 minute interview with Boy Crush. It goes from a question and answer session in which Chris gives up private details of his deepest desires, to him outside showing off his rollerblading skills, then into the shower for a wet and wild jackoff. There are 8 videos of Chris inside Boy Crush, including him getting his tight little skater hole fucked. What a fucking adorable hotty!

Check out all of Chris’s videos here!