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4-way bareback teen boy fuck fest, featuring Kyler Moss, Miles Pride, Roxy Red and Chase Harding!

Brand new 4-way orgy, bondage, bareback scene from Bare Twinks Studios! – this slice of heaven offers a little of everything!

The Bare Twinks lowdown –

One of the hottest scenes from our DVD release, Raw 2! Chase Harding gets hot and kinky with Kyler Moss, Miles Pride and Roxy Red. Kyler is chained to a St. Andrew’s Cross and fucked with a dildo before getting Miles and Chase’s bare cocks up his ass. And poor Roxy has his ass assaulted with a toy before being forced to drink from the toilet! If you haven’t seen Raw 2, you’ll want the DVD after this!

I’ve got a massively hot 4 way for you this morning – and these boys do it freaky!  I’m talking hardcore, bareback fucking, serious bondage – ropes, chains, leashes – dildos slammed into tight boy holes – not to mention hard teen boy cock fucking smooth boy pussy C U M pleteley bareback!

Check this one out for sure, just make sure to keep a roll of paper towels nearby, wouldn’t want you getting your computer screen TOO wet!

Click here for the entire scene!

Click here to check out this entire scene!

brand new teen boy fuck – kyler moss and miles pride

Kyler Moss and Miles Pride fans will be thrilled with this brand new fuck scene from Boy Crush Studios, featuring the two boys going wild with birthday cake!

the Boy Crush lowdown –

Kyler Moss surprises Miles Pride with a birthday cake and a pair of cute underwear. They forgo forks and instead eat the cake off each other! These two end up looking like a couple smurfs as they lick up icing off each others bodies and cocks.

On a sugar high, Kyler is soon fucking Miles like a jackrabbit. He stuffs his uncut cock in Miles’ little ass, fucking him in several positions before forcing the cum out of Miles in doggy. Kyler finishes by straddling Miles’ chest and cumming on his chest and in his mouth.

Never a disappointment – these two bring all their passion to the table in this brand new scene from Boy Crush.

Playfulness is the theme, as they undress, kiss passionately, feeding each other birthday cake and smearing it all over each others young, horny bodies!

Miles takes Kyler’s cock like a champ, in several positions before blowing his load while getting rammed doggy style by Kyler.

Miles returns the favor lapping at Kyler’s stiff cock until he blows his creamy load all over Mile’s chest and into his sweet, teen boy mouth!

Click here for the entire scene!

Click here for the entire scene!

Teen boys Miles Pride and Kyler Moss in an epic, bareback fuck

Two of Bare Twinks Studios most beautiful boys, Kyler Moss and Miles Pride fuck in this brand new, semi bondage, all bareback scene!

the Bare Twinks lowdown – When Kyler Moss frees himself of his restraints, he’s immediately on Miles Pride. He works over Mile’s cock before switching gears and putting his pleasure first. Miles gets his hair pulled as Kyler straddles his chest and face fucks him.

Kyler roughly throws Miles on the floor and up against the wall while fucking him with his bare, uncut cock. After Miles cums while Kyler fucks him from behind, he ends up on his knees taking the other boy’s load in his mouth.

What a hot surprise – it’s Christmas in August with this unannounced, brand new scene featuring two of the sexiest teen boys in porn today!   That’s right boys its Kyler and Miles fucking like the world is ending tomorrow

What a turnon to see these two gorgeous cocks entering each others sweet tight boy holes without a condom, making sweet boy love to one another!  A can’t miss scene from Bare Twinks Studios


Click here to see the entire Miles and Kyler fuck session!


Click here to see the entire Miles and Kyler fuck session!

teen boys Miles Pride and Kyler Moss fuck each other bareback

As promised – one of the hottest BareTwinks Studio Scenes I’ve had the pleasure of viewing – Emo boy Miles Pride and Kyler Moss in a hot hot hardcore bareback scene!

The BareTwinks lowdown on the scene – Kyler Moss naps while Miles Pride tries to work and he has one hell of a wet dream! Dream-Miles isn’t just full of dick jokes, he’s also horny.  

The two lip-lock and get into some heavy petting before the fucking begins. Kyler fucks like a jack rabbit after he mounts Miles. The energetic fuck continues as Kyler demands, “tell me you like it!” The two shoot almost simultaneously and paint Miles’ small frame with cum.

I love these two sexy boys and the two of them together make for pure teen boy hormones gone wild. They’re both beautiful examples of teen boys in their prime and their sexual passion drips all over this scene. They kiss like crazy as they work up to the bareback fucking between the two boys, making for what I think is one of the hottest BareTwinks scenes ever!

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A teen boy and his toys – miles pride, solo jackoff with a little help from MR Dildo

emo boy Miles Pride is back with this brand new solo jackoff at BoyCrush Studios.

The Boycrush lowdown – Miles Pride is alone in a room with a video camera…naturally, he cracks out a glass dildo and peacock feathers! He runs the feathers all over his body, including his hard cock. He even spanks himself with it! The glass dildo is the perfect tool to stretch Miles’ pink hole. And with the dildo still nestled inside him, he covers his hand and belly with cum.

It’s great to see Miles back at BoyCrush Studios and it’s always fun to see him in a solo jackoff,  especially shoving dildos up his tight teen boy ass hole! 

Miles in an upcoming hardcore bareback scene with Kyler Moss –

Miles is also going to be starring in a yet to be released hardcore Bare Twinks scene with none other than the very sexy and exclusive Kyler Moss – due out on May 13th – definitely looking forward to that!

AND – not to get completely off topic, but Kyler himself is starring in a solo, bathtub scene due out on the 17th – love bath scenes 😀  So, we have that to look forward to as well!

If you want to see Miles entire solo jackoff with a dildo go here!

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Emo teen boys Miles pride and Christopher Robin bareback fuck

Just a quicky post of a classic bareback scene from Bare Twinks Studios, emo boy Miles Pride fucking teen boy Christopher Robin, raw.

Short and sweet description of the scene – the two boys are “straight” – their girlfriends won’t give it up – so why not shove your hard cock into your best friends ass hole bareback? I’m in complete agreement boys, fuck away!

I’ve got a crazy busy day today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more detailed reviews than this! Enjoy your day boys! Toss one off for me!

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Timo Garrett fucks teen boy Miles Pride!

Miles Pride is such a small twink that he makes Timo Garrett look big. He gets caught eating all of Timo’s lollipops so he has to pay by sucking on a different kind of stick. Miles is happy to bend over and get fucked doggy style, his tiny body heaving with every push of Timo’s rock hard cock. He never complains, he just takes his punishment. I love Timo’s new hair color, he looks great as a bleach blond and YAY…no ugly glasses lol! Click here to check out this entire HD video!

Click here to check out this entire HD video!