Bustin Justin Bieber – a Boy Crush Studios parody starring Bieber lookalike Kyler Moss

Boy Crush studios just released a scene from it’s hit DVD Bustin Bieber!  

For all your Justin fans who celebrated the teen pop stars 18thbirthday like I did, praying for a little nudity from the sexy boy toy – this is definitely the next best thing!

The Boy Crush lowdown on this scene – From our DVD parody of Never Say Never, comes this scene with Kyler Moss starring as Bustin Beeber!

He has a run in with a very affectionate fan, Scott Alexander, and the two can’t keep their hands off each other.

These hot, uncut twinks suck each other’s cock before Scott sticks his dick up Kyler’s butt.

The two fuck noisily until they both shoot their loads!


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Angel and Kyler at it again, teen boy fuck bareback style!

Two of my favorite twinks, Justin Bieber look-alike Kyler Moss and sexy latino boy Angel Kelly go at it again as only these two horny teen boys can, bareback and hard in this new one from Bare Twinks Studios!

The two boys are so into each other they don’t even notice the camera, they just fuck suck and moan lapping up each others beautiful young bodies as if this may be their last fuck!

The Bare Twinks lowdown on this scene- The infamous Angel Kelly is back again for another round and he’s got all new boys to play with! BoyCrush exclusive Kyler Moss takes the Latino twink on in this hot and raw bareback scene.

They two suck each others uncut cocks before Angel gets Kyler bent over the bed to fuck him from behind. Kyler rides Angel’s dick and takes it missionary, too, before he cums being fucked. Angel pulls out just to cum on Kyler’s used hole before jamming his cum and cock right back in again.

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Kyler Moss, Josh Bensan and Andy Kay – teen boy Kyler double stuffed with hard cock!

Oh boys have i got a hot one for you this morning from Bare Twinks Studios! Kyler Moss in a BAREBACK threesome with Andy Kay and beautiful Josh Bensan – and Kyler gets his sweet teen boy pussy filled with two throbbing boy cocks in this 18 MINUTE FUCK SCENE!

The Bare Twinks Lowdown – Andy Kay is back to take Josh Bensan for a test drive for another Tryouts DVD, but this time he’s shaking things up! Josh proves his topping skills by joining Andy in double-teaming an eager Kyler Moss.


Everyone knows Kyler can take it, so Josh and Andy don’t hold back as they spit-roast and double penetrate him. Kyler cums while riding Andy before eating Josh’s load and both boys end up on the floor for a huge facial from Andy!

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Josh Bensan and Ethan Fox’s Bareback Fuck

Fresh from the video presses at Bare Twinks Studios – brand new teen boy Ethan Fox has his sweet boy hole owned by Josh Bensan’s nice fat cock!

Bare Twinks lowdown on this fuck scene – New boy Ethan Fox is paired up with the more experienced Josh Bensan in this hot BareTwinks scene.

Josh is obviously into Ethan and it shows as they kiss and feel each other up. Josh gives Ethan a noisy blowjob before the new kid returns the favor. Ethan may be new to porn, but he’s not new to bottoming and he takes Josh’s bare cock easily as the two fuck until they cum.


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fuck scene!

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New Boy Blake Fucks sexy twink Dustin Bareback!

A yummy new bareback boy fuck scene from Bare Twinks Studios!

the lowdown on the scene – Blake Allen is the new kid around the studio and this week he gets paired up with hot Latino twink Dustin Cooper for a bareback fuck! After they each get a taste of dick, Dustin straddles Blake and sits on his bare cock. Blake takes control of the situation when he bends Dustin over and fucks him from behind, eventually fucking the cum right out of him!

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Click here for this entire boy fuck boy hole bare video!

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Group Chat by Ubud

Ubud shares his thoughts on how group chat is a cost effective way to test out a new performer and how it is also wonderful if you prefer to sit back and relax rather than fully direct every action.

Group chat…mmmm…a welcome addition to f4f. At first, I wasn’t really sure what the gig was, but after checking it out, I think it is awesome! Let me explain, in my opinion, why group chat should be in every stroker’s arsenal.

From a customer stand point, group chat is a bargain way to check out a model, new or favorite. For a model that I haven’t had a private with, I can check her out in all her glory, and save a lot of credits, before going cam 2 cam with her. It’s also a great way to see a live show when I am feeling a little more passive and not wanting the full two way interaction. You can throw in requests and comments to help keep the show going or just kick back and enjoy. It’s similar to multi user, but you can’t throw in your cam, nor do you get the vod for later viewing. Minor drawbacks, considering the advantages of price and quality of experience. It’s been my experience that models give just as much to the group, as in a one on one private, for a fraction of the cost. You can get a 10-15 minute show, that in a private would be a 1000 credits, for 50 credits, a no brainer!

Not all models are comfortable with group chat, and this is where customers need to empathize a bit. When a model thinks there are enough people in her room who are horny, she can set a price and length of time for the group. I have seen models who have become very horny in open chat, use the group as a way to satisfy herself. Bonus! I think we all agree that there is nothing better than a model with blue balls who needs to get off for her enjoyment, thus our enjoyment. The other day, a top model ran a 10 minute group and would not take any requests until she had her orgasm. Well, she used all 10 for herself and didn’t have time for any requests, but trust me, nobody was complaining, because she went to town!

The model needs to be comfortable with herself to work the room, and the esteem shot when there aren’t enough pledges to make it happen. So, for them there a couple of things going on and customers need to empathize with them. For them, it’s a great advantage to get a set amount of credits and makes them feel good that all these guys want to get off with them.

Group chat is a great addition for models and customers alike. – by Ubud

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The Cam to Cam Experience by Observer123

In this article, Observer123 discusses how using our Cam to Cam functionally can greatly improve the overall experience of a private with a model, for example, how talking to the model is better than typing. Observer123 provides tips for having a better conversation, addresses privacy concerns, suggested webcams, and how to set up Cam to Cam.

Using a cam can greatly improve the enjoyment of privates. Models generally love it when a fan uses a cam, as it means they don’t have to use their imagination. I’m sure others can further elaborate on the virtues of cam to cam. The following is more of a technical guide from the point-of-view of a non-US fan of the site.

One advantage in that you can talk, so there is no need to type! However, you may get feedback or echoing if the cam is on, so it might be better to use headphones, which is not quite as convenient, or have the model call you. Note that when using phones, most such models are based in the US, and so most are only able to call within the US and maybe Canada. However, it is possible to acquire a (US) phone number through Skype, and have the model call that phone number; naturally, you have to have Skype on. You can also set up the number so that it calls your phone directly, although this costs you as the phone call is transferred from Skype to your phone, so remember to purchase Skype credit. Another tip to beating feedback is to mute the sound in the bottom right of the screen when you are in private, if the model calls you.

Something to remember is that if your voice is recorded in a private, then you may want to ensure that the private is not shared, especially if you are concerned about privacy and/or mention personal information. You can change whether a private is shared in your “Shows” section; this is in the top right hand corner of the page.

As to which webcams are best, you do not have to use a Sony EVI. These are the top of the range cameras, and obviously very expensive. Webcams that typically come with laptops aren’t very good, and it is not worth buying an ultra-cheap webcam, either, as the images will be grainy. A good webcam to use is the Logitech Pro 9000, which is of reasonable cost and some models even use that one! If you shop around, you should be able to find a good price. For instance, the webcam I mentioned currently sells for around ? 33 (roughly US $50) on the UK Amazon website.

To set up the webcam, follow the instructions provided with the webcam. It is quite easy to do so. You can test the camera image using the “Cam to Cam Chat” option at the bottom of the main F4F page, but remember to switch it off before you actually take someone private.

I hope this has been helpful, and have fun! – by Observer123

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