The Italian Meets The Sausage

Today I bring to you the sexy Boston native “Giovanni” a 20 years Italian/Puerto Rican little thing who came down here without a clue of what to expect from us. So we chatted for a little bit & to my surprise Giovanni likes his men very tough, very masculine, to take control, thuggish, etc…. Sounds like someone I know. He wasn’t too much of a fan of huge dicks but one of big dicks, so I brought him inside to meet the Supreme & let me tell you, he was excited to meet him but when Castro pulled out that thing, his whole face changed. Come see what happens.
Hasta La visto
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18 year old Nille on live chat

and what a cutey. Look at that tight little bum 😉

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Broke Straight Boys

I’ve come across this site quite a few times over the past few months and I have to admit I was cynical. Like, yea right – straight boys would take cash to fuck another guy. But then I started watching some of their shit – and I seriously got engrossed! They really are straight boys – you can just see it. I guess I have a little fetish for corrupted straight boys going on there lol. And the videos are high quality, exclusive and …well hot! Anyways – read the synopsis of this shoot and then check out the clips below of just one of many of their shoots. . And then check out the site if you want to. It’s only $1.00 to enjoy it for 3 days.

Photographer’s note: Austin and Dustin came back to do another shoot, and it was very exciting. They knew that they were going to have to fuck, and that meant of course that one of them was going to have to bottom. Both always top, so before the shoot could happen I made sure to tell both of them that someone was going to have to bottom in order for the shoot to take place. I always tease Dustin about one day him bottoming on camera, and Austin admitted that he was hopping Dustin’s time was up.

Neither one would say he would take it, and Dustin kept telling me to shut the camera off in order to discuss anything further. I started to offer more money to see just which one would go first in taking a dick. I offered two hundred more, then up to five hundred. Austin let out that he would do it for $2000, and Dustin was still going to get paid the original amount that we decided on for… READ THE WHOLE STORY INSIDE!

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18 year old teenboy

Rott is on live chat this morning looking sexy as always 😉

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