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a teen boy and his toys, Kyler Moss Fetish jackoff

Kyler moss gets downright kinky in this brand new fetish jackoff scene from BoyCrush Studios.

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The BoyCrush Description – What’s tied up in rope, whipped with leather and hot all over? Kyler Moss in this week’s solo! Our resident kinky twink makes use of all the fetish toys we have to offer. Kyler entangles himself in rope while abusing himself with a leather paddle, penis pump, and flogger. It’s not all whips and chains, though; wound up from the toys, Kyler strokes out a thick load.

Any scene with this cutie in it is always fun and this one is no exception, but I have to admit I was a bit surprised at Kyler’s enthusiasm while flogging himself. The boy really gets into it, putting it to use on that sexy back of his, leaving some seriously red marks!

I personally would have enjoyed a large dildo inserted into his teen boy ass hole, while he was on all fours flogging himself, but kink enthusiasts will certainly enjoy this as it’s definitely not Kyler acting – I did a bit of research and it seems Mr. Moss is absolutely every bit the kinky boy he claims to be.

Kyler’s Profile page at BoyCrush Studios is here.

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Emo teen boys Miles pride and Christopher Robin bareback fuck

Just a quicky post of a classic bareback scene from Bare Twinks Studios, emo boy Miles Pride fucking teen boy Christopher Robin, raw.

Short and sweet description of the scene – the two boys are “straight” – their girlfriends won’t give it up – so why not shove your hard cock into your best friends ass hole bareback? I’m in complete agreement boys, fuck away!

I’ve got a crazy busy day today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more detailed reviews than this! Enjoy your day boys! Toss one off for me!

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Emo boy Kyler Moss and Dylan Chambers teen boy, bareback, school bus ride!

Have you ever fucked a hot teen twink boy in the back of a school bus? Better yet, have you ever fucked anyone as fine as emo boy Kyler Moss in the back of a school bus?

Kyler Moss, btw, is all exclusive to Baretwinks and BoyCrush Studios – you won’t find him anywhere else.

Bare Twinks says:

We pick up Kyler Moss on the Boycrush bus and Dylan Chambers shows him 10 inches of a good time. After a quick introduction, these boys waste zero time taking off each other’s clothes and fucking like rabbits. Kyler was a little worried about Dylan’s 10 inch dick but took it like a champ and loved every minute of it.

Today we get a great pairing from Bare Twinks – our David, tiny, yet hungry, emo bottom-boy Kyler Moss up against goliath- the monster 10 inch cock hanging in between Dylan Chambers legs and all bareback!

This all bareback school bus series is an ongoing project Andy Kay has been working on,  and I’ve already posted several other of these erotic school boy scenes on Boy Cherry – if you want to see them all look for the school boys tag on the bottom of this post or click the link above.

This scene starts off with Andy Kay driving Dylan Chambers in the BoyCrush school bus, heading off to pick up Kyler Moss. They find Kyler at his house and invite him into the bus to fool around with Dylan and he happily agrees.

The two boys get to know each other for a couple minutes before Kyler goes to work on Dylan’s huge cock. Kyler spends a nice long time pleasuring Dylan with his mouth, lapping at the dangerous, dangling python – getting it good and hard, ready to plunge into Kyler’s tight hole.

When Dylan can’t take it anymore and needs to fuck, he directs Kyler to sit on his monster cock and Kyler does as he’s told, slowly taking the entire beast into his teen boy pussy. Kyler rides that cock for a few moments until the boys switch positions and Dylan pounds the boys ass hole while he’s on his back.

A cum dripping finale-

Kyler blows his load in that position with Dylan fucking him, spurting his cum all the way up onto his nice smooth, teen boy chest.

Dylan pulls out, flips Kyler over and jacks his monster cock until it explodes cum all over Kyler’s boy hole, streaming down from his ass crack and all over his ball sack!

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barebacking boys

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teen boy Noah Carlisle sucks Kyler Moss’s cock until he cums

Oral lovers will absolutely love this brand new one-sided teen boy suck cock scene from BoyCrush featuring Noah Carlisle and Kyler Moss.

Noah sucks off Kyler all over his living room, Kyler moaning loudly the whole time. He doesn’t stop there, even fingering Kyler’s sweet ass a little as he sucks his hard dick. Kyler finishes by blowing his cum load all over Noah’s face and in his mouth without touching himself at all.

Kyler is so sexy in this video, with his hair all messed up, looking like the school boy next door who just got out of bed, and gets the gift of getting his morning stiffy sucked off!

He’s such the adorable teen boy twink and Noah’s sucking skills go above and beyond, so it almost seems Kyler is surprised when he finally does blow his load just from Noah’s constant tongue lashing!

Anyone who reads this blog knows Noah and Kyler are two of my favorite boys from the BoyCrush / Bare Twinks Studios, and having both of them in one video gave me a hot morning orgasm!

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emo teen boy Roxy Red interview and jackoff

Emo boy Roxy Red is just so wildly popular on both Bare Twinks and Boy Crush, I thought I’d add a clip from one of his interviews to the blog – the full interview is actually 30 minutes long, but the clip below will give you some insight into this boys thoughts and interests.
Just to clear up some confusion, Roxy’s videos are on both BoyCrush and Bare Twinks and joining either site will give you access to all his videos, the two sites partner and compliment one another!

Roxy’s an interesting, adorable, little waif (he weighs in at 98 pounds and stands all of 5 feet 4 inches) – he almost looks to me like he should be in Lord of the Rings, playing an elf, rather than porn, but in his interview he admits he is wildly into sex, so I guess he is right where he wants to be at this point in his life.

I’ve seen Roxy in about 8 hardcore videos, and he definitely is a bottom boy who loves to get bareback fucked – he loves his ass used by teen boy cock and he loves bondage! So here you are boys, more Roxy Red! Click here to check out all his videos!

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Teen emo Boy Roxy Red photo shoot

Roxy Red is one of the most popular teen boys on Boy Cherry and BoyCrush, so I thought I’d give you guys a little more info about him and some pics from a photoshoot:

* Age: 19
* Zodiac: Scorpio
* Hair Type: Brown
* Circumcision: Cut
* Weight: 115 lbs
* Dick Size: Average
* Preference: Bottom
* Orientation: Gay

Roxy is featured in 11 videos on BoyCrush, mostly hardcore where he’s the bottom boy getting fucked.

From the videos I’ve seen he seems to enjoy pushing the limits, since he’s featured in several bondage videos and a couple of Orgies and he hardly seems shy in any of them, though he does throw off an air of definite submissiveness.

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Sexy emo teen boy Miles naked

I love Miles tatoos, they’re just downright sexy. He has this great mix of young innocent looking teen boy next door with this edgy emo punk look to him. Super skinny and small with big brown heart melting eyes. He has this great confident and funny personality. An all around sexy teen boy with a nice big cock.  Click here to see videos of Miles!